Defend your network. Is your system protected?

A security breach in your network can be costly. It can completely disrupt your business and cost you customers and money. So, it makes sense to invest in a solid cyber security package.

Businesses like yours rely on the internet every single day. A breakdown in your network can affect even the simplest tasks within your organisation. Genesis IT are reliable experts in Cyber Security and will make sure that your business stays online and compliant.


Find the vulnerabilities. Stay secure

Our friendly specialists at Genesis IT will seek out the vulnerabilities in your network to strengthen your system with a multi-layered approach.

Standard vulnerability tests are great for compliance, but they don’t go deep enough. We’ll run Penetrative Testing to get a full picture of where breaches can occur. PEN Testing will assess “real-world” risks. Genesis IT will audit your systems and provide advice with pre-emptive plans to protect you against attack.


Don’t get held to ransom

Your business could be at risk of harmful phishing strikes. Your systems could be infected with malicious malware if you do not take effective action. Genesis IT are experts at keeping you and your data safe with firewalls, antispam and malware protection for your network.

Over 70% of companies around the world were affected by ransomware in 2022. Genesis IT provide your business and data with complete protection from cyber-criminals holding your business to ransom.

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Genesis IT help customers and employees feel safe

Whether you are picking up the phone or sending an email, the simplest tasks require secure access to the internet.  A malicious attack and infected machines will result in a huge cost to your business.

Slow machines or a completely corrupted network means your staff cannot perform. Not to mention the costs involved in recovering from a cyber-attack.

Your customers need to feel that their data is in safe hands. Protecting them means protecting your business.

Do you have a public access network? You could be under attack from viruses outside of your control. Genesis IT can defend your network whilst still enabling your customers to stay online.

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Industry-backed Cyber Essentials

We’ll make sure that your business, no matter how big or small, has a safe and robust defence against cyber criminals. Our team will put systems in place in line with the government approved “Cyber Essentials” scheme.

“Cyber Essentials” ensures that your organisation has measures in place to meet and exceed a minimum set of requirements. Not only can you rest assured that your business is protected, but you can also save money with cheaper cyber insurance premiums.

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Genesis IT provides Cyber Security to businesses in Hull and beyond

Trust the Genesis IT experts to protect your business support systems against malicious cyber-attacks. We’ll provide you with straightforward advice on critical defence for you, your employees and your customers.

You can rest assured that your cyber security is safe with our dependable processes and knowledgeable team.

We’ll find the weaknesses and provide a complete solution to protect businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire against attack. Not only that but Genesis IT are on hand for total support when you need it.

Get in touch with the team at Genesis IT to begin your audit and start protecting your systems and data today

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