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Cyber Security

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39% of all UK businesses experienced a cyber breach/attack in the last 12 months *

Though we’re sure you’ll be fine and already have an action plan in place.
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Hardware and Support

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Software Development

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Software Development on time and in budget

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Digital results that are anything but ordinary

Your business is busy, but is it productive? Genesis IT provide top-notch digital solutions to keep your business moving. But, to get the most out of your business, you need systems that work. Genesis IT have the know-how to create websites, apps and bespoke software to get your business online.

Every business is different, so your systems should be tailored to you. We don’t believe in a universal fit. Genesis IT will get your business online with integrated systems that are designed to work for you.


Defend your network. Is your system protected?

A security breach in your network can be costly. It can completely disrupt your business and cost you customers and money. So, it makes sense to invest in a solid cyber security package.

Businesses like yours rely on the Internet every single day. A breakdown in your network can affect even the simplest tasks within your organisation. Genesis IT are reliable experts in Cyber Security and will make sure that your business stays online and compliant.


All Systems Go with Super-powered Hardware

Are your business systems stuck in the dark ages? Do you need to amp up the power on your network hardware but don’t know where to start? That’s what the IT Specialists at Genesis IT are here for!

Whether you are a new business, relocating or need to bring your systems into the 21st century, contemplating new IT hardware can be daunting. There is so much to think about. How many PCs do you need? Do staff work remotely? How can you connect all your hardware? It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and our IT consultants are on hand to provide all the help and advice you need to get the perfect IT set-up for you and your business.


Software solutions don’t have to be hard

Have you got all the gear but no idea? Having a great IT set-up is just the beginning. You need great software to keep it running. Genesis IT are specialists at arming your IT with the best software to get the most out of your machinery.

IT hardware is one of the biggest investments in your business, and it needs to be right, but without the correct software running on your machines, you are throwing money down the drain. Genesis IT knows how to ensure your hardware works for you and your business.


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