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Genesis IT are dedicated to delivering innovative and budget-friendly IT solutions that keep your business running smoothly.

Super consultants

With a rich history of nearly 40 years, we’ve been proud supporters of local and national businesseses in maintaining their IT infrasturcture. Collaborating closely with your company, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge IT systems that give you a competitive advantage.

Our team of friendly and skilled professionals is conveniently located on-site, specialising in a range of vital IT management areas, including consultation, hardware, networks, infrastructure, assistance, and cybersecurity. No matter the challenge, rest assured, we’re always prepared to swiftly and effectively address any issues you encounter.


In-house dev team

Our highly skilled developers boast extensive experience in creating and supporting mission-critical business systems and websites. We specialise in a diverse range of development, encompassing traditional database systems and data-driven websites (including Content Management and E-Commerce platforms), as well as the development of sophisticated web-based solutions used in architectural design. The software and websites we produce are crafted using the latest proven technologies and best-practice techniques, guaranteeing an efficient and high-quality solution.


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