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Bespoke software that's a perfect fit for your business

Are your business systems fit for purpose? In an ever-changing digital world, businesses can find themselves getting left behind. To get the best out of your business practices and compete in a packed marketplace, your business software should be up to date.

At Genesis IT, we are committed to keeping companies online and improving their commercial software. From basic web applications to completely bespoke CRM software, Genesis IT have the skills to realise your company’s full potential.

Integration and collaboration builds success

Do your business systems support collaboration? Every business relies on teams working together to achieve something great. By creating easy-to-use and intuitive business software, your teams can come together to manage your business effectively.

With our help, your organisation can become more dynamic with a proactive CRM system. A well-planned CRM will organise your client information, manage and track your sales pipeline and improve business data collection. Genesis IT are experts in providing Client Relationship Management software that can be tailored to your business to allow for seamless integration.

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Bespoke API creation

Genesis IT proudly offers tailored APIs (Application Programming Interface) for accounting software and websites, with seamless integration. Our APIs enhance financial workflows, enabling efficient data transfer and real-time financial insights on websites and vice versa. With a focus on security and scalability, our bespoke solutions ensure smooth integration, empowering businesses to optimise operations and maintain data integrity.

At Genesis IT, we prioritise delivering value. Our expert developers collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs. By aligning APIs seamlessly with existing systems, we enable businesses to automate tasks and enhance productivity. Whether for small enterprises or large corporations, our bespoke APIs and integration services pave the way for a future where technology streamlines financial processes effortlessly.

Bespoke software developers in Hull

With nearly 40 years of experience in bespoke software development, Genesis IT have supplied off-the-shelf packages and customised business software solutions to businesses across the region. We’ll help increase your company’s capabilities through systems that enhance and promote productivity.

Providing your staff with easy-to-use systems will encourage smarter working that will benefit your business’s overall output. Genesis IT are trusted in the business community to provide trustworthy and hardworking business software solutions.

We’ll empower you with our years of IT know-how to boost your company’s performance. Get in touch with the team at Genesis IT to arrange an initial consultation.

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