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Robinson Contract Services (RCS) possesses over 75 years of experience within the Agricultural and Recycling sectors. In collaboration with Yorkshire Water, they supply Biosolids to farmers, enhancing soil quality. RCS closely engages with farmer clients, offering agricultural, environmental compliance, and haulage services. They specialise in soil sampling, as well as the application of biosolids, compost, and other manures.

Prioritising responsible resource utilisation, RCS contributes to sustainable agriculture and soil regeneration through organic matter and nutrient recycling. Their fleet encompasses haulage, excavation, and spreading equipment, benefiting local businesses and individuals alike. Backed by extensive experience, RCS has cultivated a proficient team dedicated to comprehensive client assistance.

The brief

Customer information, stockpile management, and the punctual completion of deliveries rank as paramount concerns within the operational framework of Robinson Contract Services (RCS). Their unwavering dedication to precision and efficiency ensures the accurate fulfilment of farmers’ requirements, all the while meticulously adhering to stringent environmental policies.

RCS places a strong emphasis on maintaining comprehensive customer information, recognising the profound value of a holistic understanding of individual needs, preferences, and logistical considerations. This approach allows for tailored solutions that cater to the unique demands of each engagement.

Given the absence of a suitable off-the-shelf solution, Robinson Contract Services (RCS) necessitated a customised system tailored precisely to their requirements. This bespoke system was imperative to exert full control over operations and seamlessly integrate with accounting software.

The solution

The RCS Haulage and Stock System addressed specific operational needs. It employed a back-office setup centred on a “System Form,” featuring tab-pages with sortable “Data Grid Views” (DGVs). These DGVs present data in columns, some with aggregated totals. Allowing full user control and visibility.

Functionality included Land Bank, Fields, Stockpiles, Monitoring, Delivery Licences, Driver Deliveries, Customers, Customer Locations, Products, Sage Products, Drivers, Vehicles, Vehicle Defects, Time Sheets, Documents, Users, and Settings. Integration with Sage accounting was also employed, for seamless stock, customer and invoicing.

Drivers were given tablets with the Genesis Delivery App for reporting vehicle defects, downloading delivery licenses, tracking deliveries, recording time sheets, reporting safety observations, and driver positions. Tablets also incorporate the “CoPilot” app for navigation between collection and delivery points, giving full visibility.

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