Pegasus Opera 3

Business management software to streamline your financial, accounting and operational processes with astonishing performance.

Opera 3 SQL SE

Opera 3 SQL SE simplifies your business tasks. Whether it’s handling VAT returns, following up with debtors, managing inventory, or processing customer orders, this software is designed to assist both small and medium-sized companies. It allows you to accomplish essential tasks efficiently, freeing up your resources to keep your business thriving. Opera 3 SE SQL is a business management tool that empowers you to achieve more with less effort, so you can focus on business growth. It’s user-friendly and easy to set up.

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Do more with bespoke development

Whether you’re already using Opera 3 or considering the switch, Genesis IT is here to take things to the next level. As authorised Opera Developers, we have the expertise to enhance the software to meet your specific needs.

If you rely on a back-end system that’s essential for your operations, we can design a solution that seamlessly integrates. Surprisingly, it can be a simpler and more cost-effective process than you might imagine.

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