Time to upgrade your Software?

Does this sound familiar? 

Growing businesses will often find that the tools they needed when they started, and that were effective at first, over time might be not be satisfying their needs in the same way, possibly even holding them back. If you’re a business owner or director finding that your day-to-day operations are getting more complex, it might be time to update your IT systems. It’s best not to wait until you start seeing negative results such as dissatisfied customers or losing sales to competitors. If you recognise any of these ten critical warning signs, the time has come to look for new software:

1. Your accounting software is out of date

The IT-savvy workforce of today does not expect technology to limit their productivity, they expect it to make their lives easier. Up-to-date accounting software can make processes faster and provide improved reporting, meaning employees can get more done.

2. You’re losing sales to competitors, even when they have inferior products

Sales isn’t just about selling. If your business doesn’t provide customers with a clear product offering combined with effective customer service and quick response times, sales will inevitably suffer.

3. Too much planning and not enough doing

When innovation and strategic planning take a back seat to endless searching for information buried in disconnected applications, it has a serious effect on your business.

4. Your ordering process is old-fashioned

Outdated technology simply can’t scale to meet the growth of today’s businesses, and customers who don’t get served promptly usually don’t come back.

5. Auditing gets on top of you

Your company could be at major risk if it’s not complying with up-to-date industry regulations. Having clear measures in place to protect your assets can help your company stay protected.

6. You’re not adequately protected against cybercrime

Privacy and data breaches are a serious threat these days, with constant threats of malware, security breaches and fraud. Having effective protection against these threats can keep your business safe.

7. You’ve lost track of your inventory system

A modern system can tell you what’s in stock, what’s on order and what’s allocated to a particular customer. If your system can’t easily provide this information, it could be negatively affecting your business.

8. Your cashflow cycles make it too difficult to manage your financials effectively

By not having an accurate, comprehensive view of profit and loss, knowing where you can make savings will be virtually impossible. Pegasus Opera 3 allows companies to connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer interactions, to get an end-to-end view of your business.

9. You’re not making the most of your accounting software

Top-quality accounting software allows a company to gain a centralised overview of its data. One-off lists and manually updated spreadsheets that live outside of your accounting software can stifle growth by making it difficult to make informed decisions.

10. You’re jealous when you see others running their businesses from a smartphone.

When answering a customer’s question means having to first go into the office or call someone else to help, you’re not just losing credibility, you’re wasting time. You need true mobility to be able to respond to new opportunities and meet customer expectations. You may have outgrown your software solution, but finding the right fit is easy.

Further Information

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